Tartar Buildup Leads to Periodontitis

What is Tartar, Exactly?

It’s common knowledge that the main reason we have to brush (and floss) everyday is to prevent the buildup of plaque on and around our teeth. Insufficient dental hygiene leads to a pale yellow to brown discolouration of the teeth; this is not plaque (which is colourless) – this buildup is tartar.

What is Tartar?

When plaque isn’t fully cleaned from the teeth and is given time to build up, it eventually solidifies and becomes mineralised. The coating can cover your teeth and climb up around your gums, making the inside of your mouth a little unpleasant. This mineralised, discoloured plaque is called tartar and can lead to dental health issues.

Unfortunately, tartar contains a large amount of the harmful bacteria which caused the plaque to form in the first place. This bacteria is what can threaten your oral health.

Tartar (or calculus) binds exceptionally well to the teeth and once formed, cannot be removed from brushing alone. The discolouration does not necessarily guarantee the development of gum disease, but if you develop tartar it’s important to implement a good brushing routine to prevent escalation.

How Tartar Affects Teeth and Gums

The first problem which can occur is that getting all the benefits of brushing and flossing becomes more difficult (because you can’t penetrate the calculus) and therefore your tooth enamel is more at risk from deterioration from the various bacteria which linger in the mouth.

This leads to tooth decay and cavities which can be treated by your dentist, but which also leave you at risk of developing gum disease.

Gum Disease

When tartar develops on the gum line, the local bacteria can cause inflammation, discomfort and a form of gum disease called gingivitis. The gums will become red and puffy around the teeth, as well as more sensitive and prone to bleeding during brushing.

If untreated, the condition can progress to periodontitis – a much more severe stage of gum disease. The tartar in-between teeth and lining the gums causes serious inflammation, threatening teeth loss in bad cases.

Preventing and Removing Tartar

The good news is that tartar, while stubborn, can be treated and even removed with the right procedure.

  • Preventative care – This is what everyone can do everyday, twice a day – brush their teeth. Tooth brushing should last 2 minutes (one way to track time is to divide each row into thirds, and brush the front, top and back of each 3rd for six seconds before moving on) with a proper ~1500 ppm fluoride toothpaste.It’s also beneficial to use an antibacterial mouthwash and to floss once per day, making sure to clean right up and under the gums to prevent the kind of tartar buildup that leads to periodontitis.
  • Professional cleaning – With professional dental cleaning the bulk of the tartar will be removed using a carefully calibrated ultrasound instrument, designed to break up the material non-invasively. Teeth are then scaled, polished and given a fluoride treatment to help prevent decay on the newly-cleaned surface.
  • Risk factors – Plaque is formed by the bacteria that reside in your mouth; these bacteria love starch and sugary foods, so try to maintain a diet with as little unnecessary sugar as possible. Tartar also forms much more easily for smokers than for nonsmokers – smoking is terrible for your teeth, especially as you get older, so consider quitting.

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Signs of a Good Dental Practice

Services – The most important aspect of finding the right dentist is making sure they offer the services you need. If you have a family, you should find an office that offers children dentistry and if you need cosmetic dentistry, your dentist should have experience with those procedures. We offer several services from simple cleanings to extractions so you can be sure we will meet your needs.

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Misconceptions about Dentures

When people hear the word “dentures”, they often think of the loose, uncomfortable appliances their grandparents wore. Yet, with newer technology we have been able to make dentures easier to wear, more comfortable, and more stable than older versions. At Kingsway Family Dentistry, we provide our patients in the Edmonton, AB area the best and most current in denture technology so they can have their functioning, beautiful smile back.

Misconceptions about Dentures

  • They are loose – Many people think dentures are loose and make clacking noises when those wearing them talk or laugh. Our dentures aren’t loose and are custom fitted to each patient in order to achieve a strong and stable bond between the dentures and your gums. If they are loose, it means they aren’t fitting correctly and need to be adjusted.
  • You have to avoid certain foods – With older dentures, it was best to avoid biting into harder foods such as apples and corn on the cob because they didn’t have enough grip to stay in place. With newer dentures, you can eat whatever you want without fear that they will come loose, or worse, fall out while you are eating.
  • They are uncomfortable – Even though it is always best to take your dentures out while you sleep to give your mouth a rest, dentures should never be uncomfortable or painful. Because our dentures are customized to fit your mouth perfectly, they should always be comfortable throughout the day. If you are experiencing pain, see your dentist right away.
  • They look unnatural – When people picture dentures, they often see unrealistically white teeth stuck into unnaturally pink gums. Newer technology has allowed us to give your dentures a more natural look so no one will be able to tell that you are wearing them.

Are Dentures Right for You?

When you lose one or more teeth it can be bad for your oral health and the functionality of your teeth, making you self-conscious of your smile. We can replace all of your missing teeth with natural looking and comfortable dentures. If you would like more information about dentures or to schedule a consultation, please contact Kingsway Family Dentistry.

Finding the Right Dentist in Edmonton, AB

Trying to find a new dentist in the Edmonton, AB area can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are not sure what to look for. It is important to find a dentist that will meet your needs whether you need specific services, flexible hours, or a family dentist. At Kingsway Dental Centre, we do our best to fit the needs of all our patients without having to refer them to another office.

Finding the Right Dentist

  • Services – It is important, when searching for a new dentist, to have some idea of the services you will need in the near future. If you have children, look for a family dentist. If you would like a smile makeover, choose a dentist that has several cosmetic dentistry services. We offer several services from routine cleanings to in-office oral surgery.
  • Convenient hours – It can be difficult to take time off every time you need to see the dentist, especially if you have children that will also require dental care. All that time off can add up quickly, which is why we offer our patients evening and weekend appointments. Your sick time is valuable, and we don’t want you to use it just for your regular cleanings and exams.
  • Reviews – One of the best ways to get information on how good a dental practice is, is by looking up reviews. Generally, people do not hold back when reviewing certain services, and dental reviews are no different. We have great reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook so you can see what current patients think about our office, and why they come back.
  • Visit the office – A great way to see if a dental office will be right for you is to visit. Just sitting in the waiting area, getting a feel for the atmosphere, paying attention to how the staff treats patients, and seeing if patients seem happy, can all be helpful in choosing a good dentist.

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