How Do I Pick A Dentist Near Me?

When you’re trying to find a new dentist – whether you’re getting dental services for yourself or for your family – there are really two schools of thought. The first one is to simply pick the closest dentist and make an appointment with them. The second is to do a bit of research and find the best dentist near you.


If you’re reading this article, it’s fair to assume you’re choosing the second option. You want a dental clinic near you, but you also want to make sure you’re getting the best dental services you can. In other words, it’s a balancing act between proximity and quality.


We’re going to help you through this process by giving you a few tips to find the best dentist near you: 

Finding dentists near you

The first step is finding the dental clinics that are closest to where you live or work. Most of the time, this is as simple as Googling “dentists near me” in Google Maps – the map should be populated with all of the dental clinics near your location.


For those of you looking for another route, consider asking your neighbours or co-workers where they go to get dental work done. We’ll talk a bit more about recommendations later.

What kinds of dental services do you need?

Different dentists and dental clinics offer different services. You might have a particular oral health concern you want addressed. You might also want a family dental clinic so you can get all of your family’s dental appointments taken care of at once. Dentists who offer the specializations and services you need can save you time, even if they’re located a bit further away.


That’s why we highly recommend visiting the website of any dental clinic you’re considering. Check how many dentists and hygienists they have and what they specialize in. You can even factor in their personalities here – dental clinics will often have bios for their dentists, so you’ll get some idea of the temperaments and interests of the professionals at the clinic.

Use reviews and recommendations to your advantage

When you Google “dentist near me”, you should see an aggregate review score in every listing. You’ll obviously want to pick a clinic with a large number of positive reviews, but you can dig even deeper by reading the reviews. They’ll give you an idea of what patients like about the clinic – and they’ll give you insight into how the clinic responds to any negative feedback.


The way that most people find new dentists, however, is still word of mouth. That makes a lot of sense – you’re relying on people you trust to tell you about the professionals they trust. We highly recommend talking to friends and co-workers, and getting their full feedback on the dental clinic they’ve chosen. You can also ask them about dental clinics you’re considering – they may have had good or bad experiences at those clinics.

Score clinics based on these metrics

Create a spreadsheet of the different dental clinics near you, and score them on proximity, services offered, and reputation. You can then average out the scores to determine which clinic best suits your needs. If one factor is more important than the other factors, you can use it as a tiebreaker.

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