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Childrens Dentist Edmonton

At Kingsway Dental Centre in Edmonton, we welcome your entire family to our office, and that includes your small children. We start seeing children at the age of three. Most three year olds have limited attention spans, so we will work quickly in order to keep them happy and help the appointment go smoothly.

Early dental visits are as much about getting your child used to the dental office environment as actually performing a dental exam. Our philosophy is that if we can get started early and create positive and fun experiences around dentistry for your child, it will help them stay healthy as they develop.

While three may seem early for a dental visit, it’s actually just the right time. Tooth decay (caries) can develop at a young age. By monitoring your child and demonstrating how best to exercise excellent oral health and with regular dental visits we work toward preventing childhood tooth decay.

pediatric dentist edmonton

Your Child’s First Pediatric Dentistry Visit

Your child’s first visit with a pediatric dentist will be an appointment to help them become acquainted with the dental office. We will introduce your little one to our pediatric dentistry team and make them feel at home. We will give them a ride in the chair, count and brush their teeth, and do a polish for them if they let us. This first visit is also an opportunity for one of our dentists to do an exam and make sure everything is on track. Regular visits to our dental clinic will help prevent cavities and oral diseases.

Children’s Preventative Care

In addition to excellent home care, regular preventative appointments are recommend to maintain your kids dental health. Dr. Jim Haymour will assess your child’s oral health and make any recommendations to keep your child from periodontal disease or tooth decay.

We will do a full exam, looking for signs of infection or any abnormalities. We also make sure that your kids teeth are erupting at the right time and in the right location. At about the age of seven, we can evaluate your child for early childhood orthodontics. If we think they could benefit from orthodontic intervention, we will recommend a procedure.

Preventative appointments also include a professional dental cleaning. By having your child’s teeth cleaned professionally, you are giving them the best chance to prevent cavities and other dental care conditions.

When necessary, we take x-rays of your child’s teeth. When your child is young, not many x-rays are taken because their mouths are so small. As they grow, we make sure to take an image of every tooth so we can look for tooth decay and other common problems.

We only take the images needed for accurate diagnosis.

Treatment for Children

Most children, at one time or another, need some type of dental procedure, usually in the form of filling a cavity or repairing a damaged tooth. Our commitment to keeping your child completely comfortable helps their treatment go more smoothly. Your child’s well-being and oral health is our number one priority.

Call for Your Child’s Pediatric Dentistry Appointment

Call Kingsway Dental Centre in Edmonton to reserve an appointment for you and your children. We look forward to welcoming your entire family to our Edmonton dental office.