a dentist setting up his equipment to work on the female patients teeth

5 Qualities To Look For In A Dental Office

Ask two different dentists about the same dental problem, and they might offer up different solutions. One dentist might think the only way of fixing a tooth is by using a dental crown, while another might think a filling is appropriate.

Dentists are humans, after all. And that means hunting for a good dental clinic goes beyond simply looking for who has the lowest prices – most clinics are going to set their prices based on the fee guide, anyway. 

With that in mind, here are 5 qualities you should look for in a dental clinic – they should help you find the clinic that’s right for you: 


This one is pretty straightforward – how long have the dentists at the clinic been practising for? Dentists who have practised longer have seen more cases, and may be more prepared to treat atypical oral health problems.

That’s not to say that young dentists aren’t incredibly good at their jobs – if they’ve made it through dental school, they know what they’re doing.

You do, however, want to look at education as well as experience. Some dentists are certified in specialties, like implantology. If you’ve got a specific oral health problem, finding a dentist who specializes in that problem can be a good idea. 

A good reputation

We live in an age where reviews are at our fingertips. Use these reviews to your advantage. Look up the dental clinic you’re considering patronizing, and see what reviews have to say. Check out how many stars the clinic gets, as well as the comments.

Are the dentists very caring? Very efficient? Very sloppy? You’ll see it all in the reviews.

You should also check to see if the clinic has a good reputation with staff who have worked there. Disgruntled staff can mean a less than pleasant dental experience. Websites, like Glassdoor, can help you check staff reviews. 

Fantastic communication skills

Before you go to the clinic, call them! Have a conversation with the people at the front desk and, if possible, with the dentist. When you go to the office for the first time, strike up a conversation.

You want to see if your communication style meshes with the dentist’s. Some patients like to hear every detail about a procedure – others would rather only hear what the dentist deems to be essential information.

Tell your dentist about your preferred communication style. If something they say or do makes you uncomfortable, uneasy, or feels too “salesy”, let the dentist know. Remember – you can always choose a new dentist if you don’t feel their communication style is right for you. 

A full suite of dental services

Sometimes, a dentist may have to refer you to another clinic for specialty work. 

You want to keep those referrals at a minimum.

After all, you’ve already taken time to make an appointment and made your way out to the clinic. You know the staff there. It’s (hopefully) near your home – or near enough. Trekking halfway across the city to meet people you don’t know to get a new procedure?

Not optimal.

Most dental clinics list the services they offer on their website. The broader the list of services, the better off you are. If a clinic doesn’t list their services, give them a call! 

They accept your insurance

Dentistry isn’t always inexpensive. You’ll want to find a clinic that accepts your insurance plan. If you don’t have an insurance plan, try to find a dental clinic that will set up a payment plan and/or give you a discount.

At our dental clinic in Edmonton, we accept a variety of different types of insurance, as well as offer a full suite of dental services. We’re currently accepting new patients, and we’d love to meet you!